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Sep 28th 1985
I have seen many programs in the united states but yours is more impressive than any I have seen anywhere .Wishing you success in the future .

United Nations Development Projects
Consultant, Arizona, USA.

Feb 20th 1985
It was most encouraging to see the excellent progress made with the reforestation of the mill tailing dumps . Such success in encouraging tree growth in poor soil conditions, will serve as a fine example in environmental management for other similar enterprises.

Hearty Congratulations.
United Nations Development Projects,
Resident of Regions,
New Delhi.

March 1st 1988
As one professionally interested in environmental rehabitation, and in lessening of negative effects of industry, I am most impressed by what we saw, and I congratulate Mr.Beeramoideen for this efforts .

Director--- Professor David Brokensha
University Of California
Study Center For The united Kingdom & Ireland
Kennington Palace Court,
Sancroft Street,
London SE115UL

March 26th 1988
Dear Mr. Beeramoideen,
When my colleague, Dr.Bernard Ritey, and I visited KGF on march 1st, you very kindly showed us your most impressive reforestation of mine dumps . Bernard, who has seen many mines, said your program was by far the best that he had seen. We are both very grateful to you for your informative and comprehensive tour. With thanks and greetings from us both, and I enclose a few photographs as a souvenir of that tour .

Yours sincerely
David Brokensha

October 26th 1996
Mr. U.V.Beeramoideen,
I greatly appreciate the opportunity of visiting the Kolar Gold Mines. In India, the environmental issues associated with mining are commonly so much more marked than in other countries, because of the social issues caused by highly populated areas close to the mines. Therefore I was pleased to see the good efforts you have made towards vegetating the tailings dumps at Kolar. You have produced a sustainable woodland, with the production of timber, fiber and medicinal products which make this land productive. This, I feel, is one of the main challenges facing all environmental officers in the mining sector. I wish you well in your future work. The mine is close to lines, and I hope it will be possible to ensure that the mine is left in a safe and stable condition, with no risk of long term erosion, collapse, or pollution.

Thank you again, and good luck with your future work.
Steward Needhlam,
Assistant Secretary,
Office of the Supervising Scientist,
Australian Environment
Protection Agency,

July 25th 1984
It was a quite pleasure to see the excellent reclamation work underway here, truly a pioneering efforts. I hope your example of the diligent applications of biological technology to a difficult problem, extends to beyond the boundaries of India. My imminent thanks for a most informative visit.

John Gordon,
Dean, Yale University of forestry,
New Heaven,

July 25th 1984
Very impressive work, very commendable. The creator of the green growth, Mr.Beeramoideen has done, work comparable to the creations of rock- garden in Chandigarh. A piece of art.
My complements.

Professor, Indian Institute of

March 5th 1987
In a totally barren area, particularly on the tailing dump, commendable results have been achieved. Experiments with micorrhiza is interesting. I had visited M/s Bharat Gold Mines Limited, K.G.F. in connection with the forestry program being implemented by them. The results obtained, more particularly on the tailing dumps, are impressive. I was also happy to note that different types of experiments have been initiated by Sri Beeramoideen, Asst. conservator of Forests, With good results. I feel that if not for his zeal and enterprise the program would not have gone through in the manner in which it has nor would the protection of the plantations have been possible.

S. Shyam Sunder
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests
Karnataka, Bangalore.

April 6th 1989
The reforestation-project is an excellent example of turning what was an environmental eyesore into an important resource for the future as well as a place for beauty.

Professor of Geological Sciences
Queens University
Kingston Ontario, CANADA.

July 27th 1986
I have visited the tailings reforestation project. The reforestation is excellent and is to be highly commended. It is an excellent example for others to follow in the future. I have seen many examples of reforestation and revegetation in the United States and feel your work is outstanding.

Douglas N.Halbe
United Nations Consultant
(United Nations Development projects)USA.